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Looking for a Web Design Company in New York who doesn’t just deliver awesome web designs but can also give you full SEO and Online Marketing Services in NYC?


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Offering Web Design and SEO Services.

Web Design

Website development begins with a good design that shows potential customers what you are, what you do, and what you care about. It defined who and what you are as a professional thus providing relevant information about your professional services ensuring that your customer looks forward to doing business with you.

Online Marketing

Website promotion is the allocation of information indicated on the site pages in search engines in various forms. Elfny Marketing online marketing team will be engaged in implementing low-risk, high-performance strategies to ensure your site is highly visible in search engines and accessible enough to attract potential clients.

Elfny Online Marketing

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Web Design

You may be surprised by how many website designers out there skip some of these steps. With so many people using smart phones and tablets to view websites these days, they have to be able to conform. If the right coding isn’t in place, your website may not be as visible to people as you need it to be – which can result in lost opportunity for new customers.

Online Marketing

We want your website to withstand the tests of time. Our internet marketing consultants will view your website once it has been launched to see if you are getting the results you are looking for. We may make some adjustments to help you. It may be necessary to add client logos to your testimonials change the position of your blog or add more photography to your website. With changes taking place here and there, you can be assured you are putting your best foot forward in the marketplace.
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These 6 steps will advance you to a totally new level of the Internet awareness.


Work on creating sites begins with a description of your idea how the site will look like, its goals and tasks considering interests and needs of your target audience. We will brainstorm different ideas identifying the key elements as well as analyzing the already existing websites of the competitors in your field.


Following the discussion, we put together a detailed plan designed to outline further work on the site and its development. At this stage it is determined what type of site it will be depending on your preferences and availability of the software.


Different design options are offered depending on your budget and needs. Separately, we offer various layouts of the main page, design company logo and other distinctive signs.


Programming is an essential part of your site’s functionality. It is a link between the design and the functional part, it includes page layouts and binds them to the control system. The agreed design project is being translated into a language that is understandable to the Internet resource. As such, the site appears on the Internet.


Optimization includes a set of tools for internal and external optimization to increase and support the position of your site during Internet search for certain queries aimed at attracting potential customers.


We use various instruments available to increase your website traffic and attract potential buyers. Promotion is a set of tools aimed to ensure an influx of potential customers interested in purchasing goods or services presented on your site.

What Our Clients Say

Great company! Our website never looked better. They do an amazing job with web design and even got me to the front page of google for our business.
Dany Lawrence
They make great responsive websites and they do a damn good job of it. I don't leave reviews but I was very pleased with the outcome of my website and decided it wouldn't hurt.
Natalia Blazhkevich
They have a great programmer that worked with me 1 on 1 instead of having a "representative" that knows nothing about the job speak to me.
Ekaterina Sakovic
Media Blogger
I recommended them to a friend of mine already and anyone else looking for a website developer should call them first.
Micke Jonson


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